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Birthy is the first professional contraction assistant, supporting from the 20th week of pregnancy until the birth - We create a connection from the first contraction to the birth.

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Traceable predic(a)tions about contractions

The pregnant woman is the centre of attention. The family is ready to accompany her. The maternity clinic is the health service provider. Not only the expectant parents are interested in the course of labour!


Birhty offers a digital solution adressing the security, information and communication requirements of pregnant woman, of the supporting family and the birthplace.

  • The becoming parents

    To be informed is a core need for the becoming mothers. Safety and information: Are these already contractions? What are these contractions? What is actually happening to me here? When do I have to leave? Is everything going normally?

  • The supporting family

    To be informed is a core need for the partner and the family members. Need for information and communication: Family & friends are important supporters and cannot (should not) all be on site. Birthy enables the unobtrusive connection to the loved ones.

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Several offers - One service

Birthy is a product family consisting of several offers that can be used individually and together. We offer both a B2C and a B2B service.

  • The becoming parents

    With the Emily-App and the Birthy-Device we offer a digital contraction support for use at home and on the road. The Emily-App is the basis for the connection to the family and the birthplace.

  • The birthplace

    With Emily-Professional we show the health care provider not only the course of the contractions of his patients but also the potential arrival time. For the prediction Emily-Intelligence uses multivariate time series analyses.

Birhty-Device // Squeezable interaction to track contractions


Emily-App // Your personal contraction tracker for iOS/Android


Emily-Professional // Dashboard for health professionals


Emily-Intelligence // Deep-Learning and multivariate time series analyses


Our Mission

“We reduce prenatal stress and address the needs of pregnant women as well as the information gaps in the places of birth.”

Dr. Sebastian Ahrndt
CEO Birthy

Our partner

Connections are not made alone. Our partner actively supported us in realizing our vision.

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